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Salann Tax was founded in 2022 to provide specialist tax advice, in particular on UK / Australia cross border matters for individuals and businesses.

We specialise in delivering tailored tax solutions in both the UK and Australia for individuals who are either relocating to Australia or already residing in either country and facing cross-border tax challenges.

Salann is a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), has a Certificate of Public Practice with CA ANZ, a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers, and a Registered Tax Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board.

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Our team of tax specialists

Paula Tallon Bennett

Salann is led by Paula Tallon Bennett who has over 25 years of experience in advising on Australian and UK tax.

I'm Paula Tallon Bennett, the founder of Salann. With over two decades of tax expertise in Australia and the UK, I'm living my passion helping individuals and businesses navigate the intricate world of Australian and UK taxes with ease. I believe that everyone should comprehend their tax situation, and I'm committed to offering the necessary guidance and support for the optimal tax outcome.

For me, tax isn't just about numbers and laws; it's about people and the connections we forge. I take the time to connect with my clients, understand their concerns, and communicate in a language that resonates with them. My goal is to explain tax matters in a way that empowers clients and instils confidence in their tax decisions.

Before making Australia my home in 2017, I was Managing Partner of Gabelle LLP, a business I established in 2011 in London. Gabelle was founded with the vision of creating an independent tax practice rooted in expertise and strong client relationships. In six years, it grew into an award-winning enterprise of over 20 employees, characterised by a robust business culture built upon our values of honesty, expertise, empowerment, and collaboration. In 2017, we sold the business to Markel Tax.

As a business owner and expatriate, I've encountered the challenges many of my clients face. If you're seeking a tax adviser who genuinely cares about your tax well-being and can communicate in a way that resonates with you, I'm here to assist. Let's embark on this tax journey together.



Ruya Ozalgan

I’m Ruya Ozalgan, a Senior Tax Consultant at Salann.

My journey with tax began in London over 10 years ago. An avid fan of problem solving puzzles and numbers, it was inevitable that this interest of mine would lead to a career.

During my time in London, I have worked at mid-tier firms assisting an array of clients with their tax affairs.

Whilst I have gained a wealth of experience assisting Ultra High Net Worth individuals, large families, and small business owners, my expertise lies in advising on cross-border tax issues for clients with international tax affairs.

In early 2023 I relocated to Australia from the UK where I was able to experience in part, some of the issues clients may face when relocating overseas and understand the need to have an approachable and supportive advisor.

Since then, I have assisted clients with the many tax complications that may arise when moving country and helped them to implement tax saving strategies.

Tax can be a complex puzzle, but with the right expertise and guidance, I can help put all the pieces together for a successful solution to your personal tax puzzle.


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